Image by Alfonso Calero

Image by Alfonso Calero

Born and raised in Barcelona, I've been working in many industries such as banking, retail, industrial manufacturing and services, but photography was always a pivotal part of my life. Now I am an independent photographer based in Hong Kong.

Image by Ramon Gonzalez Real

Image by Ramon Gonzalez Real

I moved to Asia in 2006, spending 3 years in Shanghai and then relocating to Hong Kong. Living here has offered me the opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing countries in the world, where I photographed the people and landscapes whilst embracing each vibrant culture. It was during these trips where I took photography to the next step and encouraged myself to make it my full time career.

Image by Ramon Gonzalez Real

Image by Ramon Gonzalez Real

For professional assignments I prefer to shoot with digital cameras, this way the client can immediately see the outcome and I can lead him/her to work together on a great result. On personal projects though, I still enjoy very much the feel and look of film, specially medium format. It allows me to slow down on the framing and composition, as well as the technical process.

Whether it is personal or corporate, industrial or service related, my job is to provide you with the best quality images that will make your company or product look better. My priority is your satisfaction, and once I have listened to your needs, I'll know how to make it work for you. From single product photo shooting to large scale advertising campaign, individual photo session to full wedding coverage, I strive to provide outstanding results. 


I provide a wide range of photography services with professional and fully featured gear and studio. Including fully equipped lighting, high end — high resolution digital cameras and top of the range lenses. For those who enjoy the basics and want the original look of the old days, I also shoot with a wide selection of film cameras both 35 mm and Medium Format.

Services include:

  • Product

  • Corporate

  • Commercial

  • Events

  • Wedding & Engagements

  • Family

  • Babies & Kids

  • Pets



Nowadays and with digital photography being so advanced, retouching skills are as important as the act of pressing the shutter release of the camera. Either to enhance a product look or to "style out" few imperfections in the skin, let me know what your needs are.



If you like my work and would like to own your numbered print or soft-copy of some of my images, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange the details for you. 

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